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Get authentic flavour with authentic Japanese ingredients. Made with no added salt or artificial flavouring, it’s easy to use this cooking sake in all your favourite dishes without worrying about hidden nasties. It’s even brewed with a special yeast strain to maximize cooking sakes natural talent for removing bad cooking smells. The is a sake that pursues the quality of “for cooking”. Takara Shuzo's proprietary "Masking Yeast No. 21" works to eliminate the fresh smell of meat and fish, and to achieve superior quality in cooking effects such as adding richness and umami to dishes. No salt added, so the food does not have an extra salty taste. About 20% up organic acid to eliminate the fresh smell of meat and fish (Our sake ratio), about 2 times the umami ingredient (succinic acid) to give richness and umami to the dish (Our sake ratio), make the dish delicious It is sake. Containing between 13.5% alcohol (less than the 15-19% of drinking sake), it’s ideal to bring out the flavour of fresh vegetables and fish.
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1 btl
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